Filestation Low Level Mobile Shelving and Desk Storage

Filestation from Rackline
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Filestation winner of the FX award for Workspace Systems Furniture is designed to directly replace lateral filers in a modern office environment.

It enjoys, like all Rackline products, the high density storage that is offered by mobile systems and so for example, can offer a 33% increase in filing space when compared to a typical layout.

The patented 'ThruTrak' design means that Filestation can not only sit directly onto any floor surface without the need for an infill floor, but can also be used as a stand alone system allowing complete walk through of the product without trip hazard.

Filestation is specifically designed for the modern office where there is a combination of electronic and paper filing, and where active files used around desking need to be in close proximity to the user.

Filestation cuts retrieval times by 40% compared to traditional solutions which can mean dramatic savings in costs in large office environments. In addition, in environments where space is at a premium, the installation of Filestation potentially means that more desk spaces can be freed up for fee earners in busy environments.

Filestation is manufactured in the UK by an ISO14001 compliant company and tested to British Standard BS EN 14073-2:2004

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